MTV’s ‘Underemployed’

MTV’s new series stars Diego Boneta, Jared Kusnitz, Inbar Lavi, Michelle Ing, and Sarah Habel as they graduate college and then move on to the real world and face the ups and downs of trying to kickstart a career while battling the woes of a part-time job with a terrible boss. This hilarious look at the modern work world will connect with young adults these days who are going through the same trials and tribulations.

Watch the preview for ‘Underemployed’ HERE

EPS is thrilled to work alongside the editors of this show to provide tech support and Avid systems

‘Orange is the New Black’ Netflix Drama

Netflix has again snagged another new show that will premiere on their site. Like ‘Arrested Development’, ‘Orange is the New Black’ is a brand new one hour drama that will go straight from the editor’s room to the small screen of Netflix. Also, like ‘Arrested Development’, EPS is working with the editors with ‘Orange’ to provide excellent tech support and Avid systems.

Read more about ‘Orange is the New Black’ HERE

‘Workaholics’ Stars To Make a Memorable Cameo in ‘Arrested Development’

The cult fav show on Comedy Central, ‘Workaholics’, has three leading characters that make any friendship look like¬† walk in the park compared to the antics they foster up on a weekly basis. Because of this, they were the perfect mixture to stir into the ‘Arrested Development’ pot of already colorful characters for the reboot of the show and movie. Eonline has more about their cameo HERE.
The more we read about the upcoming season of ‘Arrested Development’ the more excited we are for it to finally be finished!!

Workaholics, Blake Anderson, Kyle Newacheck, Anders Holm, Adam Devine

‘Beautiful Creatures’ Produces New Young Stars talks of how ‘Beautiful Creature’s’ star, Alice Englert could be the next Kristen Stewart because of her new bold leading role in this upcoming film based off a young adult novel. Beautiful Creatures is even said to be similar in story to Twilight because of normal humans falling for the supernatural with powers. Read more about the film HERE

*GEP had the pleasure of working alongside the editors of this film to provide tech support and Avid systems