Lena Dunham Featured in Playboy’s 20 Questions Segment

20Q Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham was recently interviewed by David Rensin at Playboy and played the age old ’20 Questions’ game. Click HERE to read the article! 

On if she’s trying to make viewers uncomfortable:

Dunham: “It’s not interesting for me to make art about things we’re all okay with. I make art to explore our darker areas. When what I’m doing begins to feel old and tired and socially acceptable, maybe I’ll move on to other topics. Maybe future interviewers will ask me about “the time you made an action movie” or “the time you explored Renaissance life.” But right now I feel I could say something about women forever. Each stage of being female and human brings new fodder—and there are parallels to be drawn to the male experience.”

On what’s in her grocery cart:

Dunham: I cannot get out of the market without six trashy magazines and seven packs of gum. I wish I could resist those things. Oh, and sometimes a Cadbury Creme Egg, if it’s in season.