Chris Evans Gets a Dramatic Makeunder to Play Hitman

Chris Evans is known for his stellar good looks and super-hero powers in the film Captain America. But for his latest role in the thriller ‘Ice Man’, he dons long locks and facial hair to envelope the character Robert Pronge, or “Mister Softee”, along side Michael Shannon. Director of ‘Ice Man’, Ariel Vromen, says that the transformation did not take long because it was only a wig and bunches of  hair on his face. 

Which look for the handsome Mr. Evans do you prefer?

The Iceman, Chris Evans

Tony Hale Talks About His Extreme Excitement Regarding Filming The Latest ‘Arrested Development’ Installment

In a recent interview he said, “It really was the fans and press that kept [the show] alive. We would hear all these rumors and I tried not to get too excited about it. I think it definitely hit me the first day I was working, which was a day when everyone was there. It was a scene in the penthouse and we were all dressed in our wardrobe — that’s when it clicked. Because we hadn’t shot an episode for seven years so it was very surreal and exciting and everyone was just kind of wondering what they were going to give us because that is what was so exciting about it, is you never knew what was coming. It was always a surprise. Even when I started, everything was still developing. It was a fun day”

We’re glad to know that the cast is just as excited as the fans about this new season!

Jason Statham To ‘Heat’ Up Remake From 1986

Jason Statham is set to star in new remake of the 86′ film, ‘Heat’. This film is described as a “tightly-wound, fun action-thriller, that tells the story of a tough recovering gambling addict (Statham) who makes his living providing protection in the rough edges of the gambling world. Statham’s character refuses to resort to gunplay, strictly using hand and edged weapon combat. When a dear friend is brutally beaten by a high-rolling mobster, he helps her get her revenge and he ends up in more trouble than he ever imagined.”

Also starring in this film is Stanley Tucci, Sofia Vergara, Milo Ventimilia. Are you looking forward to this remake? Did you enjoy the first one?

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