‘The Last Stand’ Takes the #1 Spot in Home Entertainment

The Last Stand Arnold - H 2012

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action packed thriller is proving to be a hit with at home movie rentals! It’s sales in blu-ray dvds and Red Box rentals have soared within the first couple of weeks with it’s dvd release. This week’s number two and three spots are held by Jason Statham’s ‘Parker’ and ‘True Blood’ season 5. Read more about the rating HERE on The Hollywood Reporter

EPS-Cineworks is very proud to have worked with the talented editors and producers of ‘The Last Stand’ by providing avid systems and tech support.

Showtime Releases New Trailer Introducing Us To ‘Dr. Evelyn Vogler’

The uber talented French actress, Charlotte Rampling, is brought into ‘Dexter’ season 8 to work with the Miami Police Department as a neuropsychiatrist and expert on psychopaths. Her presence scares Dexter because he believes she will discover who he really is, while the Miami Police are hoping she is able to shed light on the recent rash of killings. Check out the preview below!