‘Lone Survivor’ Wow’s Screening Audiences!

Universal held an industry screening of ‘Lone Survivor’ last night and it looks like the Best Picture race of 2014 officially has another strong contender!! The audience was captivated by both the film and the Q&A  held afterwards  with Mark Wahlberg, director Peter Berg, Taylor Kitsch, and Marcus Luttrell (the Navy SEAL on whom the movie is based). This movie is getting fantastic reviews for not just the story and actor performance, but also for direction, make-up, sound, cinematography, and our personal favorite: editing!  Be sure to see ‘Lone Survivor’ out in theaters on January 10th.

To read more about last night’s screening, click here or here!

‘Wolf of Wall Street’ News!!

Exciting times for Martin Scorsese’s stock market thriller! This movie, based on the memoir of Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker who scammed investors out of $200 million in 1998, will officially be released in theaters on Christmas Day.  And that’s not all; a new trailer was released just yesterday! What do you think of the latest Scorsese/DiCaprio pair up?

Good News for “Trophy Wife”!!

Ratings are out for last night and “Trophy Wife” saw a 17% increase in ratings!! We’re so thrilled to see such a wonderful and fun show have an awesome week! What did you think of last night’s hilarious episode? Remember, “Trophy Wife” is on ABC, Tuesday nights at 9:30pm!Some further reading on last night’s ratings:


‘The Way Way Back’ Released onto DVD today!

One of our favorite movies of this year is being released today on DVD and online! ‘The Way Way Back’, starring Steve Carrell, Toni Collette, Allison Janey, Sam Rockwell, and a slew of other shining cast members is about a coming of age story of a teenage boy who goes on vacation with his mother and her boyfriend experiences many firsts on that summer trip. It’s not only heartwarming, but absolutely hilarious! Be sure to purchase or rent it today!