“The Girl on the Train” Trailer!

The trailer for Tate Taylor’s The Girl on the Train beautifully showcases all the thrill and mystery we hope to see in the film, which is set to release on October 7th! The flick tells the story of an alcoholic woman named Rachel, who, after losing her job, hides her unemployment by continuing her daily commute to work. While observing a couple each day as she takes the train, Rachel becomes entangled in their lives when the woman goes missing. We are glad to have been able to provide our technical services to the production! Check out the trailer below and be sure to see The Girl on the Train in theaters October 7th!

“The Neon Demon” : Cannes Critics Pick!

The highly anticipated Nicolas Winding Refn film, The Neon Demon, has been selected by Cannes as one of the top 10 best films of 2016! Set to premier on June 24th, The Neon Demon is about an aspiring model who moves to Los Angeles, where her youth and beauty are desired and devoured by the jealousy of those around her. We are proud to have provided our technical services to another Nicolas Winding Refn film! Be sure to see The Neon Demon in theaters June 24th!

The Neon Demon

” Now You See Me 2″ to Release in China!

Jon M. Chu’s film Now You See Me 2 will be releasing in China next month, with a June 22 premier ahead of a June 24 theatrical release. The film’s premier comes just before China’s annual blackout period, where major foreign films do not get released. Among an all star cast is a supporting role by Jay Chou, the Taiwanese actor/singer who has quite the following in China. Now You See Me 2 brings back the magical power group that’s ready to pull off their most difficult heist yet. A big thanks to the post production team for trusting EPS-Cineworks with all of their technical needs! Now You See Me 2 releases in US theaters June 10!

Now You See Me 2

Lady Dynamite Review!

Netflix has teamed up with comedian Maria Bamford to bring us Lady Dynamite, a comedy based on the ups and downs of Bamford’s life where she learns to find, and deal, with her true self. We worked alongside the post production team at our Studio City facility and based on the trailer, Lady Dynamite looks like the show that we’ve all be waiting for! Read the full review here and be sure to watch Lady Dynamite next Friday, May 20th, only on Netflix! 

Happy Birthday, Lena Dunham!

The Girls creator, powerhouse queen, and voice of a new generation turns 30 today! Lena Dunham has taken the entertainment world by storm, dancing to the beat of her own drum and using her voice to speak up on pressing issues such as body shaming, diversity, and feminism. We are so proud to provide our technical services to Dunham’s hit HBO series and fully support her in all that she does. Happiest of birthdays, Lena! 

Orange Is The New Black S4 Trailer!

The newly released trailer for Orange Is The New Black gives us a glimpse at Litchfield’s increasing chaos after transitioning into a for-profit prison. With 100 new women added to the bunch, tension is rising more than ever! It’s a pleasure to continue providing our technical services to the Orange post production team! Check out the trailer below and be sure to watch season 4 of Orange Is The New Black out June 17 only on Netflix!



“The Night Of”: Tribeca Review!

HBO’s new mini series, The Night Of, is a captivating drama that looks just as good as it sounds! The series starts off introducing us to Naz Khan, a nerdy student who gets thrown into a series of events that cause him to be accused of murder. The series showcases Khan’s experiences of the “disorganization and manipulation of the legal system from the inside.” We are proud to have provided our technical services to this thrilling drama and cannot wait to see it! Check out the full review here and be sure to see the series premier of The Night Of  on Sunday, July 10th only on HBO!

The Night Of