“Glow”: TV Review

Executive produced by Jenji Kohan, Liz Flahive & Carly Mensch, Netflix’s GLOW has superficial similarities to Orange Is the New Black in its excellent, multicultural female-driven ensemble. Alison Brie plays Ruth Wilder, a struggling actress in Los Angeles circa 1985. Desperate, but not quite desperate enough, Ruth answers an open call that turns out to be for a ladies’ wrestling league. It takes a few episodes to settle into what Brie is doing, because Ruth is so convincingly a not-very-good actress, but the moment she locks into her identity comes mid-season in the one episode written by Kohan, and with those factors in play, it’s no surprise that that’s when the show seems to settle into itself.  The cast apparently did their own stunts but driven by the outlandish characters and their natural ring rivals, the fights we see are often hilarious enough to make up for minor deficits in action credibility. It’s a show about finding your voice and not letting yourself be put in a box. We loved working with the post production team! Don’t forget to check out the series premiere June 23 on Netflix!

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