“The Originals” Boss Talks Potential Spinoff, “Vampire Diaries” Crossover and Season 5

The Originals wrapped up its fourth season with a finale that could’ve  served as a series ender, despite a heartbreaking twist that saw four of the Mikaelson torn apart forever, they each got a solo happy, or at least bittersweet, ending — and the potential crossover set up in the Vampire Diaries series finale came to fruition. When the show returns for season five on The CW, the focus will shift to follow a teenage Hope at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted, but the rest of the characters will still be in the mix despite the fact that most of them can’t be in the same room together without setting off devastating supernatural consequences. The Hollywood Reporter spoke to outgoing showrunner Michael Narducci, who is exiting for an overall deal at ABC Studios, about writing an episode with plenty of closure, Vampire Diaries crossovers and where the story will go in season five. Read more about what Narducci reveals about season 5 here

"I definitely think there's some amazing potential," outgoing showrunner Michael Narducci tells THR about a possible offshoot.

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