TV Ratings: “Young Sheldon” Marks Biggest Comedy Premiere in 4 Years

CBS will have more than a month to hold Young Sheldon over its competitors’ headsMonday’s sampling of the new comedy, a month out from its official Nov. 2 premiere,  is likely to set this season’s bar high for fall premieres. Young Sheldon currently ranks as the most-watched comedy premiere since 2 Broke Girls (2011) and the highest-rated since The Crazy Ones (2013).  Sheldon‘s breakout night certainly dampened other showings. Plenty of hopes have been pinned to the project. Largely considering the fall season’s surest shot at a new hit, it will now have the entire month of October to grow its multi-platform reach. We enjoyed providing our services to the post production team for Young Sheldon and can’t wait to see what this season will bring. Don’t forget to catch the official season premier on Nov. 2! 

It retains nearly all of its 'Big Bang' lead-in, earning hit status out of the gate and stomping on 'The Voice.'

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