“Fifty Shades Freed” Trailer: Final Installment Of Erotic Thriller Reaches Its Climax

The new trailer for Fifty Shades Freed promises to give an exciting “climax” to the third and final installment of Universal’s adaptation of EL James’ book series that follows the softcore BDSM adventures of Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson).  The conclusion of the wildly popular franchise continues the melodrama between the newly married Christian and Anastasia. In the new trailer, we see them enjoy their luxurious wealth whilst continuing to explore their suitable-for-mainstream dom-sub relationship. All the while, Anastasia seems to have gone from a shy, clumsy girl to a confident and aggressive woman who knows what she wants. But all is interrupted when familiar faces from both their pasts come to disrupt their life of luxury. We are honored to be working with the post production team here at EPS-CineworksFifty Shades Freed opens in theaters on Valentine’s Day 2018. Check out the trailer below! 

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