“Heathers” Series Creator Promises Major Changes to Cult Classic, Teases Shannen Doherty Cameo

Paramount Network’s “Heathers” is technically an adaptation of the 1988 cult comedy starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, but series creator Jason Micallef said the show will still find ways to put a new spin on the story. “It’s 2018, it’s not 1988,” Micallef told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour on Monday. “No one’s going to want to watch a girl for 10 episodes follow a guy around, murder people and then whine about it.” So Micallef said he created some “very, very major character changes” for the lead character Veronica Sawyer, played by Ryder in the original movie and Grace Victoria Cox on the show. Micallef was cagey about the details but said the original dynamics largely remain in place. The show will also update the characters, who in the original film were “three beautiful white women you wouldn’t expect to be wreaking havoc on a school,” says Brandon Scannell. “That was sort of new and hadn’t been seen before.” But the new Heathers include a plus-size girl, a nonwhite girl and a gay boy. The series is planned as an anthology, with each season moving to a new high school and a new set of characters. But even with a closed-ended 10-episode run, Micallef said the show will delve much deeper into the characters’ inner lives. It is our pleasure to provide our technical support to the post production crew and can’t wait to see the new changes! 


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