“Uncle Drew”: Second Official Trailer Starring Kyrie Irving

From Pepsi ads to a full-fledged movie starring former NBA players Shaquille O’Neal, Reggie Miller, Chris Webber and Nate Robinson, the first full-length trailer for Kyrie Irving’s Uncle Drew is finally here. When Boston Celtics’ Kyrie Irving partnered with Pepsi to film a series of ads in 2012, nobody could’ve expected them to lay the groundwork for a feature-film summer comedy six years later. The premise revolves around a group of old-timers that band together for a tournament at Harlem’s world-famous Rucker Park—which, in real life, has fostered the talents of legends like Dr. J, Wilt Chamberlain, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and even Kyrie Irving himself. The film sees Get Out’s Lil’ Rel Howery desperately putting a team together to coach Uncle Drew and his teammates to victory, with Tiffany Haddish and Nick Kroll serving as comedic relief. We are currently working with the director Charles Stone and his post production team and are honored to provide them our technical services! Uncle Drew is set to hit theaters June 29! 

The Inside Story of How “Lost in Space” Got Off the Ground at Netflix

Irwin Allen’s original 1960s sci-fi series Lost in Space gave the world its first space family as well as pop culture phrases like, “Danger, Will Robinson.” The property remained dormant until the 1990s when a film franchise was attempted, but never achieved liftoff. Now the Robinsons are back 20 years later and exploring the strange new territory of digital streaming. Netflix’s Lost in Space reboot opens in the middle of an outer space disaster, which causes the Robinson family’s spacecraft to crash-land on an unknown planet similar to Earth. The pilot, aptly named “Impact,” was written by the show’s producers, Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. In the episode, viewers learn that the Robinson family is one of many that passed difficult training in order to take part in a vital space colonization mission. The massive global effort is in response to an unknown object’s impact with the Earth, which has made the planet inhospitable. Showrunner Zack Estrin (Prison Break, The Whispers, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland) was looking forward to a nice vacation when he received the Lost in Space script. “I had done so many shows in a row, but this script was too good not to develop. I have two kids, ages 14 and 11, and they haven’t been able to watch anything I’ve done. When I pitched them this show, they basically signed the contract for me.” We had the honor of working with the post production team here at EPS and we wish big success on the series! Lost in Space is streaming now on Netflix. Read more about behind the scenes here

From an ill-fated 'Stand By Me' episode to consulting with NASA scientists, showrunner Zack Estrin reveals all the behind-the-scenes details of season one of the Netflix reboot and looks toward a potential sophomore run.


“Pose”: Watch the Trailer for Ryan Murphy’s History-Making FX Drama

On Thursday, FX unveiled the first full-length trailer and premiere date for Ryan Murphy’s history-making drama Pose. Pose looks at the juxtaposition of several segments of life and society in 1980s New York: the rise of the luxury Trump-era universe, the downtown social and literary scene and the ball culture world. It features the biggest cast of transgender actors in series-regular roles as well as the largest recurring LGBTQ cast ever for a scripted U.S. TV series. The five trans actors are MJ Rodriguez, Indya Moore, Dominique Jackson, Hailie Sahar and Angelica Ross, with each one playing authentic transgender characters. “The show is about the search for being authentic, about creating opportunities,” Murphy told reporters in January. “We’re past an era of straight men playing these roles. It’s time to think differently and offer more opportunities to people who want to work. Many of this cast have never been in front of the camera before.”  It was an honor to have the opportunity to work with such a great post production team! Check out the trailer below and catch the series premier Sunday, June 3 at 9 p.m.

“Walking Dead” Boss Teases New Narrative for Season 9 Under Angela Kang

SPOILER ALERT: Do not keep reading if you have not seen the Season 8 finale of “The Walking Dead,” titled “Wrath”. 

With Season 8 of The Walking Dead officially in the books, fans are now anticipating what Season 9 of the AMC series will look like under new showrunner Angela Kang. Scott Gimple, formerly the “Walking Dead” showrunner and now the chief content officer of the “Walking Dead” universe, will still be involved with the show, but day-to-day operations will be under Kang’s purview. In the new season, he said Kang is taking the show to places it has not been before.“The newness of the narrative is driven by her vision,” Gimple said. “She’s putting different things forward that we haven’t seen before. And she’s also been working on the show since Season 2, so she knows it inside and out. And even this year, when I was working on [‘Walking Dead’ Seasons 8 and 9, and ‘Fear the Walking Dead’], more and more responsibility went to her, so it’s not like she’s jumping into something she doesn’t know. She knows exactly where all the keys are. She’s completely equipped to do a great job.” In the Season 8 finale, Rick finally triumphs over Negan and the Saviors, but stops short of killing the man who murdered so many of Rick’s friends. The finale serves as a point of closure for the show’s narrative up to this point, with Season 9 set to go in a new direction, according to Gimple. Read more about the new season here

Walking Dead Season 8 finale

“Hotel Artemis” Trailer: A Healthy Dose Of Jodie Foster-Led Crime Thriller

Global Road has unveiled the first trailer for Hotel Artemis, the crime thriller toplined by Jodie Foster and This Is Us‘ Sterling K. Brown. The pic, written and directed by Drew Pearce, centers on Foster’s The Nurse, who runs a secret, members-only, near-future Los Angeles hospital for criminals. It also featured a loaded ensemble that includes Sofia Boutella, Jeff Goldblum, Brian Tyree Henry, Jenny Slate, Zachary Quinto, Charlie Day and Dave Bautista. The plot revolves around an armed robbery that goes wrong for Brown’s Waikiki and Henry’s Honolulu, the latter of whom is injured and needs attention at the hotel, where strictly enforced rules even among the criminal set has kept it a going concern for years (tough guy Bautista is a “health care professional,” so you get the idea). Waikiki’s valuable prize from the heist though eventually draws the biggest bad guy to the Artemis to get it back. Global Road acquired Hotel Artemis in February in a deal sources pegged at $4 million, one of the first moves under the re-branded company being led by chairman and CEO Rob Friedman. We had the pleasure of working with the post production crew and can’t wait to check it out! The movie, which is produced by Marc Platt, Adam Siegel and The Ink Factory’s Stephen Cornwell and Simon Cornwell, hits theaters June 8. Check out the trailer below. 

“The Meg” Trailer: Jason Statham Vs A Giant Shark – Chomp On This

Warner Bros has dropped the first trailer for summer shark pic The Meg. The Jason Statham-starrer is a sci-fi thriller about a prehistoric 75-foot-long predator, the Megalodon, who threatens the lives of a research team trapped underwater — and, yes, the fate of the ocean itself. Jon Turtletaub directs from a screenplay by Dean Georgaris and Jon Hoeber & Erich Hoeber that’s based on the New York Times bestseller by Steve Alten.The film is eyed to take a bite out of the Chinese box office. It was made with China, is set off the mainland’s coast and co-stars Li Bingbing. Plus, Statham is a big draw at local turnstiles. The trailer features a look at the team, the beast, a giant squid and a jaunty montage set to Bobby Darin’s “Beyond The Sea.” It was our pleasure working with the post production team and can’t wait to check out this film! Check out  the trailer below and catch it in theatres August 10. 

“Black Panther” Sails Past “Titanic” to Become No. 3 Title of All Time in U.S.

It’s the latest milestone for the superhero pic. Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther is still making history nearly two months after it first opened in theaters. The latest accomplishment: The Disney and Marvel superhero tentpole on Saturday passed 1997’s Titanic to rank as the third top-grossing title of all time at the North American box office behind 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($936.7 million) and 2009’s Avatar ($760.5 million), not adjusted for inflation. Black Panther finished Friday with a domestic total of $659.3 million, just shy of the $659.5 million grossed by TitanicGlobally, Black Panther has grossed $1.29 billion to date and currently ranks as the No. 10 top-grossing title of all time. We had the pleasure of working with the post production crew and are extremely happy at all the success this film is still achieving. 

It's the latest milestone for the superhero pic.